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Nederlandse versie infopagina

Buying, licensing and things like that
My work is sold worldwide by art and poster sellers. The cheapest way to buy artwork is directly from the artist. That's me;). You can save about 40 to 50% this way. Are you interested in my work? Please don't hesitate to contact me at

So many styles - is that smart?
It’s a bit of a weak spot because an artist should be recognizable and better have 1 signature and not 20. I know! The problem is that I just can’t help it. It happens. Before I know it something new appears. For me there’s no other way to create. And I have to admit that I love it, I just have to make images. That does not mean I can’t focus on a particular line or style. So if you’re interested in one I’ll be pleased to work things out for you and dive in deeper.

It may sound not very arty, but all my work is digitally edited one way or the other. There are 3 ways:
1. I draw by hand and edit it
2. I edit my own photographs
3. I create things completely digital

I also make high quality prints of my artwork and edit them by hand. The art is to make it look not digital. That is a long process. The big secret is that you have to make lots of mistakes. Failure after failure. That's my talent I guess...

At the age of 17 I went to the Amsterdam Graphic School. The same school my grandfather started his graphic career. I failed. The technical part and straight lines in paint and ink drove me mad and I decided to study business. I succeeded. My goal was to work in advertising and marketing. I succeeded again and worked for agencies and companies. I merely worked on the creative side as a copywriter, marketer and translator. Besides that I worked as an illustrator because I could not stop drawing. After the first day I worked with Photoshop I couldn’t stop creating at all. At the time internet appeared I knew what I had to do; combining text and design. I learned my self HTML and codes and became one of the first web editors. I started at chello (UPC) and later on worked as final editor for ABN AMRO Digital Banking.

I had a good income, I loved my work, but in my spare time my graphic work kept me busy. That’s my oxygen. I was looking for ways to spend more time at my artwork and since some years I can fully concentrate on it. That’s a blessing. I still need 3000 years to work out all my ideas, but that’s a luxury problem.

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